realised something about myself today

ha - I have always known I am highly judgemental of my own work and strive for perfection (yet dont judge anyone else as harshly - go figure).  Well it really came home to me today.... I have been collecting on Pinterest all these wonderful anchor charts that others in blog land have created for their kiddo's - my turn to create mine for when I go into class and need to introduce knew concepts.  Small problem - cannot let go of my self judgement - after my 7th attempt of the same poster  (I was even copying someone elses idea) I came to the conclusion -
I can not do Anchor posters that are going to be up on the wall by hand!!
I am going to have to create them in publisher and print them out and enlarge them - its the only way, it is, I accept that about myself LOL.

Anyway the way I figure it will most probably be quicker for me in the long run anyway....

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