These are not holidays!!

Supposedly I am on holidays.  

Unfortunately no-one told my work load that!! 

I have three assignments due after the holidays which thankfully I am almost on top of.  The hard part is that in four weeks I go on placement (back to my wonderful kiddo's) and almost straight away  I start teaching, which means I need to get all my lesson plans sorted out. 

I start my placement early (due to my associate teacher going away), which means I am teaching during what is meant to be my study break for exams (which I will have during my placement).  This means I also need to sort out my study notes and start studying them if I have any chance of passing my exams. 

In all it is feeling very overwhelming, and I haven't been sleeping that well - all my planning keeps going round and round in my head along with dreams of failing everything.

The upside - I am really pleased with my maths and literacy unit plans and I think they are going to go down really well with my kiddo's (fingers crossed).

The worst thing is I am putting all this pressure on myself - I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this sort of stuff :).  Oh well one more week to go and I'll be back at University and I will have other things to think about than lesson plans....gulp.

Anyway back to the books - hubby arrives in an hour for a weekend visit and I have no intention of visiting this computer again during that time!!

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