lesson plan stress

There are only 8 weeks to go and I will be back in my class with my wonderful kiddo's again and I cannot wait.  It does mean I will be teaching during my exam time but there is no way around it, I will just have to be organised and focused to get through it all and still achieve everything.  As a result I am already getting organised for planning my Units for my 3-4 weeks sole charge time.

My AT is giving me free range for what I want to do for literacy which is fabulous as I already had an idea for what I want to do (teach writing a picture book) but for maths I am teaching a strand of measurement!

I need to do quite a lot for this strand in a few weeks, standardised measurement with rulers etc including introducing area, time and capacity. It is allowing for a week for each area of the strand which is going to be quite intense, thankfully I am building on their existing knowledge, however their are a few students who are going to struggle with the concepts and others that will fly, so I need to cater for quite a diverse range of students within the lesson plans.  I am so determined not to leave any student behind during my solo teaching time that I am researching and double checking and trying to find a real diverse range of activities and levels to cater to everyone, that I am sure I am now over thinking it and no doubt over planning!!!

Once again the lovely bloggers in blog land and pinners on pinterest are being a great source of inspiration for my planning along with the amazing resource books that are out there so I know I will get there - eventually.  Anyway its time to get back to the books.

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