Maths Planning for Statistics completed - at last

It has been a long week sorting out my unit plan for teaching statistics on my placement.  Its been a long process working out what to teach and how to teach it.  Not having any history to fall back to has been hard going.  That and of course repeatedly second guessing myself again and again and again meant it no doubt took a lot longer than it should.  I so want it to be perfect or at least as perfect as possible on paper as it can be.  I am well aware that as planned as I might be on paper when I add that missing ingredient of students all the plans in the world may not save me and it may all have to go out the window.  

The brief for this placement is that we are sole charge teaching for 3 to 4 weeks - of which I am a mixture of excited and cannot wait and terrified.  On this placement we do not have to have detailed individual lesson plans but we must have unit plans and day plans. 

So last night I was deeply satisfied - I thought I had my unit plan nailed, I had teacher talk, student talk, foldables and examples to work through and a big project for them to apply the knowledge to (I even had a cross curricular link to the Inquiry topic they are doing  - go me!!). 

Let me tell you last night was the first sleep I have had in two weeks that did not involved nightmares about lesson plans and teaching I felt that good.  This morning I went on line to check up on the wonderful ladies and guys) that I follow and read a post from Fourth Grade Studio  ( that talked about her lesson with the dot plot and getting her students involved in creating and testing graphs for themselves.  That's when I realised my great mistake in my planning, I had not included any part in the first week of the students getting up and testing and applying the concept!!! It has been a long day of typing and re writing and I only had a small break (taking my boys to Iron Man 3 in 3D - okay a 3 hour break, but it didn't feel long) to sort it out.

Although disappointed that I went from yes its all done to how could I be so stupid I am forever grateful that I found out today rather than when on my placement and I loose the students to boredom.

So now at the end of the day and only minutes from bed, I can finally say that it is finished and I am pretty sure I have a good plan up my sleeve.  Now I just need to write a unit on time for my non full control time and I'm done, thankfully with the time one I have all the notes and ideas so for the most part I am ready to go...I think...

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