Currently in July

1. Listening to periscope has become a new hobby as amazing people from the TPT conference have been keeping us in the loop - its been so much fun.  Right now I am listening to Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Angie from  Lucky Little Learners - they are so much fun and totally inspiring to make me push myself outside of my comfort zone - hence linking up for my very first Currently :)

2.  Loving I have just gotten my first teaching job!!!! Happy Dance!!  It's not the best of jobs in the sense that it's only two days a week and it's working with another teacher, but that's not what I am focusing on.  I am focusing on all the good points that it is getting me into the classroom on a regular basis until the end of the year and I am going to enjoy every moment of it and on the other days I will continue to sub.  And hey, it should help my job prospects next year :)

3. Thinking that this is just the start of my journey...most certainly.  Just a few months ago, I was wondering if I was ever going to become a teacher in a classroom and whether or not I should be looking for a job elsewhere as the subbing work is not frequent enough in my area to be called a job (you have to be a fully qualified teacher in my neck of the woods to be a sub).  But now my faith in my teaching path is being renewed and is full of hope again :)

4.  Wanting a new bag - yep I think it's a requirement really new job, new bag - sounds fair right??

5. Needing to spend more time with my boys....TPT creating has been taking over my life somewhat and at the moment we are in the middle of our two week winter break, and this naughty mum has not spent enough time with them.  In saying that they are 12 and 16, so they are limited in what time they what to spend with me,  but when they have asked me to watch a movie I have turned them down.  Mummy Guilt anyone...

6.  All Star in encouraging others to be their best, yep I'm great at being your cheerleader and believing in you (especially if your a kid) but believe in myself - you have got to be joking... I'm very good at thinking I don't measure up.  Something I am working very hard at changing and putting myself out there more (hence making myself join in with the Currently).  However if you still need a cheerleader - I'm your gal.

Now its time to go and see if those boys of mine want to spend time with me :)


  1. Hi Angela! I know what you mean about TpT sometimes taking over your life!! I found that I, myself had to take a step back! I'm finally able to get back to it though! Take the time that you need - your boys won't be young forever! :)

    Congrats on your first teaching job! That's so exciting!

    Best of luck!

    - Brittney
    Miss Teacher Resources 101

    1. Thank you, I know you think gotta treat TPT like a job and put the time in but, then I love spending time with my boys and I refuse to look back and regret that! Balancing act - always :)

  2. Congrats on landing your first teaching position! That's so exciting :) And yes, that definitely means you get to buy a new bag! ;)

  3. Thank you, and your right it does mean a new bag...oh well off shopping I go hehe