loving maths

Things have been full on this year at Uni, with a focus on Maths, Literacy and developing our teaching philosophy (with a hint of politics thrown in for good measure).  The assignments are bigger and the expectations of us are higher (as they should be).

Unfortunately I seem to be struggling more this year as well. 

I had my first low mark for an assignment (in philosophy), I had the info I just did not organise it properly which meant it did not meet the brief.  Now the marks not too bad (B-) but considering my consistent A's I have really beaten myself up about it. 

It has really thrown me for a loop, talk about doubting myself!!!!  I have two more assignments due soon and I am second guessing myself left right and center. 

Thankfully I have great lectures so I will need to take advantage of going and seeing them tomorrow and getting some feedback to ensure I am on the right track and I'm just being silly.... Now if only I could get that voice in my head to start taking notice that I'm just being silly and to let it go it would be okay, but the way its going on you would think I failed the paper (mind you it sort of feels like I have).

One positive this year is until now I would have always said I am an all rounder teacher - great skills in maths, literacy (reading/writing) and art with a head start in reading difficulties.  This year I have realised that I have a real interest in Maths.  I always loved maths as a kiddo at school myself and have for the most part been good at it, I also think I have skills in find alternative ways of looking at problems. 

Its interesting sitting in a class at Uni, full of adults ranging from the young to the more mature student (like myself) and hearing how much they just never got maths at school and how much they are finding their associate teachers avoid maths in the class today!!  I must admit it annoys me how easily teachers put maths aside for other things. 

I know just because a person has the label teacher does not mean they excel at everything and they go out into the classroom with some of their own hang ups about areas, but kid's are struggling in senior schools due to still not having a grasp of the basics and they now have teachers who no longer have time to deal with it, they have a whole lot of higher order maths to get through.

So much of what we need to teach in regards to maths is part of every day life and form building blocks for learning the 'higher order maths'.  I have realized it is fast becoming a passion for me and my soap box is rapidly growing.  I have finally found the area for which I want to specialize
in with complimentary skills in the other areas as well..

okay so enough soap boxing and on with study!!

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