Last Student Teaching Placement has Started

I cant believe how long it has been since I posted, life has just taken over.

I had my placement for three weeks at school where I got to see the setting up the new year and getting to know the kiddo's before I go back and teach for over a month in three months time.  I have once again been so spoilt by both my school and children and associate teacher. 

This is a school from a low economic area, however they buck all the stereo types that are out there.  The school demands the best from all their students in both their work ethics, efforts and attitudes. 

They have the mindset that where you come from is not what defines you but rather it is your starting point, what you do from there is up to you.

The class is a mix of 8 to 11 year old's with all excelling in their reading - the lowest level in the class is achieving at level!! (this pattern is throughout the school). 

There is one exception child but she has a number of issues and may never be at level, as a result is getting assistance in all areas of her schooling. 

This is going to make teaching the class a lot of fun in the different things I can introduce them to...the ideas I have running around my head!!  It has been quite a different experience observing the class this year, I came with a much more critical mind and knowledge to back it up. 

While I really like my AT and she is a great teacher and really into teaching me as well, there were a few things she was doing that I would have done better, and even better rather than it just been a criticism, I could justify my thinking. 

Thankfully this was only in my own notes that she does not see as I have no right to tell her how to do her job and I sound like a know it all with just writing it here with out saying anything out loud!!

I go back to Uni next week for a full on final year and I am looking forward to it (although I would rather stay in the classroom), but I am also looking forward to it being finished so I can start teaching.

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