first week finished

Whew one week down...seen lots of great stuff that will help me for the future.

I am in total awe of teachers who let student teachers like me into their classroom and let them loose on their kiddo's.  At the end of the day they don't know who we are getting and how good we might be or not be!!!

The generosity of knowledge and help is amazing and hey at the end of the day without teachers being prepared to do this there wouldn't be new teachers (unless they change the program).

Listening to some of my fellow students I do sometimes wonder why some teachers have agreed to be associate teachers when they appear to not want to share knowledge and/or have lost the passion themselves for teaching. 

I have been very lucky so far not to have that issue, both my past AT and my current AT have been great. 

The only down side of my current AT is it will appear she will be away a fair bit of my placement, thankfully she has a regular reliever who is also great and more than happy to both help me and listen to me.

Time to go back and type up my observations and lesson plans so I am ready for the new week. :)

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