so far so good in my new class

I have spent my first three days in the classroom and so far they have been really great.  The class has a vast range of ages and levels which will provide challenges when I do my full control in a few weeks but hey that's all part of the job of being a teacher. 

I had a double whammy today by agreeing yesterday to take on a Maths group and teaching fractions while I was being assessed by my visiting lecturer. 

Apparently there was no expectation of me to do that and my Associate Teacher had misunderstood the instructions.  I didn't mind however as I'm happy to jump in boots and all, I find the sooner I do the better and the less chance I have of letting my nerves taking over :) 

My review went fabulous and I ticked most of the boxes which is a nice start as I thought I was bumbling somewhat but apparently I wasn't coming across that way (once again too hard on myself).  I got a few valuable tips from her for my next few lessons which I look forward to implementing.

The best bit was getting the fractions right, its been a long time since I have had to do any fraction work, I actually knew what I was doing and got it for the next lesson tomorrow!!

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