first day of teaching done!

Well I have completed my first of seven days of teaching for this placement and it went so well.

I came away feeling so great with how it went, I did cheat somewhat as half the class was away doing other stuff but it was a nice way to ease into the teaching, getting my feet wet so to speak.

The kiddo's were just fabulous and the cheeky ones didn't play up to much, but I have two of my own so I know all the pushing button tricks (or at least I hope I do LOL). 

They were really happy about doing something different and doing it with me which was great.  My AT was amazed at how long they sat at the mat to have a discussion on values and attitudes. 

It was only meant to be a 10 - 15 minute talk before sending them off to do a follow up activity but they kept talking and coming up with such great ideas and thinking and so into it we just couldn't stop the conversation!!

The only down side of this placement is all the paper work I have to do to meet the requirements, there is the normal lesson plans, weekly plans, unit plans but then there is all the reflection statements, observations, what it means to me statements, what I would do different etc it seems never ending. 

I have spent all day typing or on line getting resources for next weeks lessons or typing out what happened last year and I still haven't finished!!

 I am not however doing much more this weekend, I have printing to do and that will be that as hubby will be here in under two hours and I am spending my time with him and my boys.  I can't wait, it feels like my life has been consumed by teaching this last fortnight and the boys have had very little of my time (guilty Mum anyone).

Anyway talking of my boys its time to go and put them to bed, Dad's going to be too late for them to stay up for tonight and my arms and fingers are tired from so much time on the computer!

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