The crazy train arrived at my class!!!

That's about the some total of it, the crazy train arrived and let every bit of crazy out!!  The whole class was all over the place on Friday and it drove me NUTS!!!

They could not stop talking, mucking around, pushing, shoving, picking on each other, the works.  It was the end of the week which had had some huge pressure with speech finals and practicing new song for assembly, new teacher, big maths concepts (which they are really really starting to get, even the ones who were struggling), and a few changes in schedule.  On top of that the whole schedule was thrown out of the window on Friday with catch up, speech finals (for our top four) and assembly practice. 

It meant I did NO actual teaching, and it felt like all I did was crowd control, and it felt like I was trying to control a crowd of monkeys - and cheeky ones at that.

At lunch time all I felt like doing was crying, it was either that or tearing my hair out.

It did not help that my associate teacher was out of the room either so I had no back up what so ever.  I have learnt that she is trying to stay out of the classroom to allow me to teach without her interrupting - but she's not meant to - but it is also leaving me feeling unsupported.  Even when I let her know what the day was like at morning tea time, she offered sympathy and said some days it just feels like that, but she did not stay in the room to back me up.

I do understand that it helps me grow as a teacher to have to cope in that kind of teaching environment, and it helps develop my coping skills (see looking for the positives) and next year if I get a job I wont have that kind of help so I need to know how to do it....but... I'm still a student and back up would have been nice/helpful and not to mention needed!!

The amazing thing was that despite the bad rehearsals we had for our performance at assembly using the mean, mode and medium song from scholastic's Study Jam (from using the instruments the class had made from recycled materials, the actual performance was amazing and I was so proud of them!!!  I guess what they say is true bad rehearsal great performance -  I just wish it was not 10 bad rehearsals LOL.

The positive assembly was a great way to finish my first week with full control, and next week will be another week, although it will still be all over the place as I have my exams next week.  Will just have to see how it all goes.

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