It's been a llllooonnnggg few weeks

It has really felt like my cup has been over flowing for the last couple of weeks but not with good stuff just work load.  University has been full on been course work, assignments and of course getting my lesson plans and unit plans ready for teaching which starts in less than two weeks. 

Scared me nah.....OK maybe just a little, after all despite how well I do in my exams and assignments, doing badly at my placement can stop my plans for teaching in its tracks.

The good news is that I completed my presentation of Rousseau and his influence on Education (along with my group) and past with flying colours (A+ anyone). 

So that is one assignment down. 

This Friday I hand in my Mathematics which includes legalities and lesson planning expectations and Literacy. 

All that will be left after that is exam prep and teaching (until next semester that is). 

I am almost there with my mathematics assignment except I keep re writing it (it's worth 60% of our over all mark) so I keep second guessing myself again and again and again... My literacy I'm not so on top of and it will have to be my focus for tomorrow cause I seem to be spending an awful lot of time on line blog and pinterest stalking rather than working, so I don't see myself getting beyond maths today..but you never know ;)

On preparing for my teaching, I think I am almost there, I have completed my Literacy unit with studying features of picture books and then writing their own (I so cannot wait to teach that) and my first maths unit on statistics.  I am only part way with my second unit on maths (time) as so much depends on the assessment of their current understanding before I can really plan for it.  So at this stage I am amassing resources and concepts as I wont know if it will be whole class, grouping or a mixture.  I suspect it will be a mixture as I can not imagine that in a class of 8.5yr olds to 10.9 yr olds that they will all be at the same level of understanding (if only life was that easy).  It will just depend on how diverse the range of knowledge is.

The sad thing is I have not managed to get to class to see my kiddo for a over a month now with how overload in work I have been feeling.  I hope to get in next week, to check in before I start and make sure nothing else has changed with my Associate Teachers expectations (she has changed my maths focus 4 times on me now - which has meant a lot of wasted planning time).  I will just have to see how next week goes as it may also be my last chance for studying for my exams which happen part way through my teaching time.

Okay enough dodging my assignments, time to log off and get back on with it...wish me luck

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