have met the class for this year

Its been a busy and interesting week this week observing a teacher as she sets up her classroom for the year and gets to know the children of her class.

I realise how much I have learnt over the last two years as I do my observations and can relate what I see back to what we have talked about back at Uni, but also when I see practise that is different to how I would want to run my classroom. 

I am by no means being smart arse enough to say I know better, only that I am starting to develop how I want to be a teacher and there are a few small things that I have observed I would do different.  But I think that is part of the learning journey as well, you learn from things you agree with and you learn from those you disagree with. 

The best thing is, is that what I would change is small which means working with this teacher is still great and there is a lot I will be able to learn from her and she is being amazingly generous in sharing her knowledge and resources.

While I wanted to work in a school that is known for its challenging children, I will still have a few challenges with the children from this class with a child with Aspergers, a child with ADHD and a few with very strong stroppy personalities that will still make teaching fun and interesting.  It is also a school which caters to a low economic area but refuses to accept anything but the child doing their very best and refuses to let the students be a negative stat nor a stereo type with almost all the children excelling at reading, writing, and maths and amazing programmes for those children struggling.  I am going to enjoy these first few weeks of observing and coming back in a couple of months to teach!!!

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