END OF TERM.......So Happy

The end of my first term at Uni and I am tired and so sick of assignments.  There's only been two but they have been full on and I have been second guessing myself more so than I ever have. 

I am and always have been my worse critic and very good at doubting my abilities.  The fact that I pulled off an A average last year is still a total amazement to me and I still can not believe I have managed to do it.  But in doing so I feel like I have so much pressure on me to get A's again. 

The silly thing is, is that I am the only one putting the pressure on.  No that's wrong now that I have managed to get the A's my mother has enjoyed telling people how well I have done (and I'm in my 40's how sad that sounds) and expects me do continue doing well so there is pressure from that quarter. 

The last two assignments are for the same lecturer and its the first time that he has been my lecturer so I don't know what sort of marker he is or if my assignment is on the right path despite following the brief.  I listen to others and what they have done and think how different they are to mine but then different does not mean bad or good, just different. 

Gee I would have said I was no longer stressing about the assignments tonight, but seeing what I'm writing I am thinking that I am holding onto a little stress and wont be happy until I get my first marks which is meant to be available on Wednesday. 

The only problem with that is that I have to drive an hour and a half to go get my results or I can ring the lecturer as he said the distance students (like me) can ring to get their results.  Don't know if I'm brave enough to hear it over the phone either.  Ok ok I admit it, I worry about the silliest stuff - I sweat the small stuff as they say but then again its not really small stuff is it.

We have had a new person join our travel group in the last couple of weeks although she is only 19 so in a completely different age group but mature for her age with means she is fitting in with a car fill of 40 year olds (she says she has just gained 3 new mums LOL), she was doing her studies in another city but has transferred this year.

In the mean time I am relaxing tonight and tomorrow I start working on the next three assignments, at least I'm on holiday for the next two weeks to work on them although the boys are home as well so there is the lovely distraction of spending time with them...balance as always..

time for a little wine and then some sleep...

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  1. I know it is easy for me to say don't worry but I am a worrier too! I still worry when my principal comes in my classroom....and she always has positive things to say.

    I am always harder on myself and it sounds like you are too! Try and trust your heart. =)

    I am happy you got the placement you wanted. =)

    I am now a follower! =)

    I would love for you to visit me if you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart