St Johns

Monday night saw both my boys returning to St Johns youth group tonight.  It as been closed for the school holidays and is up and running again.  Just another job for me that normally hubby does that I need to find time for but hey at least for the most part it is just getting the boys into their uniform and drop off and then go back in an hour and a half and pick them up again.  The only annoying thing is that it starts at 5.30 which is rather early but it finishes at 7.00pm which for older kids is OK to come home and have dinner but for 8/12 year olds they really need to have eaten by then (especially as I'm the early bed time sort of parent) so it is a bit of a rush to get the boys home, dinner done and eaten and into uniform and down to St Johns (thankfully just done the road) by 5.30 but we did it - was much easier with the two of us but hey no point going on about what I cant change...

Although some people would say that doing something like St Johns is rather nerdy I love their interest in it.  H could easily be classed as a nerd (although in our house we have taught H that to be called a nerd is a compliment) M doesn't fall into that category at all!!  Their is a lot of discipline and rules to follow within the company along with goals to be worked towards and rewards for achieving them.  They learn such valuable life skills.  I also like how the skills are taught at various age appropriate levels and as they get older their skills are expanded on, and its not just about life saving skills but range from, camping, fire, first aid, child care, sewing etc, there is something there for both boys and girls. 

They both really enjoy the time they spend there and get alot from it, learning the drills for M is hard but he is getting there and is enjoying the challenge.  We are hoping to be able to send them both off to camp in March but I don't know if I'm going to have the money to afford that which would be a complete bummer for them so we will just have to wait and see for that (fingers crossed).

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