Today Sucked!

There is no other way to say with out using a lot of bad words

Today Sucked.

Today was meant to be my first day in my own classroom as a teacher. But I'm not.

Not even close.

At the end of last term I was offered a job, nine weeks of teaching in a newly formed year one classroom.  I of course said YES!!!!

I had been relieving at this school for awhile and I even took a job as a teacher aid there for 2 days a week to get me into a classroom.  I was told all my hard work had been noticed, all the extras I had been doing had been noticed, my willingness to pitch in had been noticed, and they couldn't think of a better person for the job.

Morning tea time everyone celebrated with me, the other 3 teachers (yep it's a small school) hugged me and congratulated me, it was announced to the kids and the parents that I was going to be the new teacher.

I was over the moon.  Finally I was going to be a teacher,  Finally I was going to have my own classroom.  The classroom was a mess, as had been used as a spare space and for storage for the last 3 years, so I spent the weekend in their cleaning, moving things around and setting it up as a classroom.

I got to post the news on Facebook to the TPT DownUnder tribe I belong too, it was so great how everyone was happy for me, I was happy for me!!!!

Monday they started to pull the rug out from under me.  I got a phone call in the evening, things hadn't been done right, there were issues with how I was offered the job, procedure hadn't been followed....

I had to go in for a meeting on Wednesday.

I emailed the principal asking whats going on....she didn't know...she thought she had done everything right....she said she was going in to bat for me....she said I was the right person for the job....

Tuesday evening I got a phone call again,  there had been an emergency board meeting, procedures hadn't been followed, they had to advertise the job.  He forgot to start the conversation with, 'I'm sorry we have to take back the job offer'.  He forgot the words 'I'm sorry' completely.

I had to ask if this meant the job was no longer mine (I held onto hope that it was just a formality), that's when he finally said that no it was no longer my job.

I was a teacher for all of 4 days.  I went from an amazing high to a crashing low.

It's taken me almost two weeks to be able to blog about it.

It's not the blog post I thought I would be writing today, I thought I would be writing about my first day as a teacher in my own class.

I had to go into the school today, special staff meeting everyone wanted there including me, I had to face everyone, it was hard.  I got a lot of hugs and sorry's from the staff.  But someone else was in my class.  Someone else is making it her own.   She's not the teacher, just the reliever, but it still hurt, it still sucked.

I've applied for the job.  It closes tomorrow.  I don't know what my chances are, I haven't been given a heads up, heck I haven't even had a one on one meeting for an apology from the management, only phone calls and emails, and considering what they have done to me,it doesn't quite cut it.

I know for part of it I have been a pawn in a little game that is being played at the school, but they seem to have forgotten what impact this has all had on me.

So now I wait to see if I get an interview, and if I get the job...I'm not hold out much hope, I think it might be better that way.

See today sucked

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