Just Finished Reading a Book...would make a good lesson plan

The book:


Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha VanLeer

Actually don't like the cover for the book that is on Amazon but that's what they are showing so have to go with it.

I picked this book up on a whim, it was on a great sale and the blurb caught me.  To be honest I thought with the blurb it would make a great teaching book.

Its based on the concept that characters in books are alive living their own life when the reader closes the book (hello Toy Story comparisons anyone).

The book is divided in to sectional chapters as you flick between what the fairy tale is written about, the main character in the book (Prince Oliver) when the book is closed, and Delilah the teenager reader who is stuck addicted to this childish fairy tale as the books story seems to connect to her own life.

The characters are alive in Delilahs mind when she reads the story (the goal of any writer) but one day she notices a change in the book.... This starts a journey of understanding that what you believe is perfect looking from the outside in, is not the same for the person living the life, and Delilah and Oliver trying to find away to be together and in what world they should be.

It's sort of like a modern fairy tale (cause it still has a happy ending) but it does ask the question of is it a happily ever after for everyone.

I like how it can be used as a lesson on point of view, comparisons with Toy Story and the ending - well its not that great and a little simplified (e.g. a happily ever after) and could be used as a re write the ending how you think it should go activity, as well as what book would you like to come alive and why.

If you read the reviews for this book on line it has a lot of disappointed readers, but when you read the reviews it is quite clear it is adults buying the book thinking they were getting a typical Jodi Picoult novel (which it is not) as it had been marketed wrong on line.  But reading the book to the intended audience (10 to 15) would work especially as a lesson.

So for me this book is going away as a may get to use one day book, I really think it could work well

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