But I'm Dyslexic

I got this comment this week from a kiddo when we were doing maths.   We were playing round the world, this kiddo won his heat and was standing behind the next kiddo ready to do battle.

He threw out this excuse before I had even asked a question to explain how he wont be any good.

If you have read this little blog before you may know that my family has been on a big dyslexic journey with my son and I too am dyslexic (abet mild) and I work in the schools program with the dyslexic kiddo's. So for me this is not an excuse not to give things ago nor is it an excuse to put yourself down.

So I looked at him and went, "So what, so am I"

The look on his face was priceless!!!

How can a teacher be dyslexic - simple its not something that needs to stop you being what you want to be, but you need to find what works for you.

Then I said okay your dyslexic, but this doesn't include reading or writing so are you dyscalculia (the maths version) as well?   When he said no, I said then you will be fine to give it ago.

Best part, he won the heat.

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