My Placement Has Finished

It actually finished a week ago but I just could not commit it to the blog that it was over.  I did not want to leave at all!  I have loved feeling like a teacher and I want to keep teaching not go back to University in two weeks to start studying again.

My wonderful class made me a book as a good bye pressie.  They worked on the theory I had taught them how to write a children's book so they should make me a book.  Each child wrote and drew a page saying what they liked about me being their teacher.   A few of them mentioned my use of an evil stare (hey why start using words to tell them off when a look can fix the problem) and how my laugh can sometimes sound wicked/evil (hehehe).  Each table group also put on a little skit for me to say good bye.  It was so wonderful and I really really struggled not to cry.  OK I cried but I hid it well.
Here are a few of the pages they created for me

LOVE how they all drew me skinny!!!!

The book is something I will treasure for years to come.

The great thing is I will be going back to the school over the next eight weeks as I am helping out with a programme there (gotta keep my face visible if there is any chance of a job).

I also still have some marking to finish and take back (should be all done tomorrow) and give them feedback/feed forward in person as well as on their assessments.

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