back for my last week at my school

I cannot believe how fast that two week holiday break was.  I had so many plans for doing some blog posts about the lessons I did so I had a record to remind myself if nothing else but the first week I ended up in bed with the worst flu that I have ever had - it knocked me for six.  Of course its par for the course with teaching that you get the holiday flu/cold.

The second week was spent marking, completing assessments and binding the books they had written and still recovering so energy was very low!  And of course the best past time of all blog stalking (you can do that from bed so a great pass time).

I am back in my school for this week, its my last week which is sad in itself, but what is even worse is that I'm not getting to teach.  I'm just observing and its so hard to just sit back and jump in when needed or to get myself involved.  The neat thing is that my associate teacher has left for her overseas trip which means there is a reliever in for the next few weeks.  This relief teacher is really dynamic in her teaching and really willing to share her knowledge.  She has a complete focus on maths (which I love) and is concentrating on basic facts and multiplication with the class.  Just about all of the class has some major gaps with this area which considering they are 9 - 11 year olds is not good.  She believes in getting the students moving and playing games to learn the knowledge to ensure its deep quick knowledge not something they need to stop and think about.  I will end up learning a lot from her and I am adding to my collection of notes for when I finally have a class of my own.

I cannot believe that I have to go back to University in four weeks and spend another four months studying, I just want to teach.  Although in saying that I have been having nightmares about planning for everything for a whole year and the testing and the assessments and the marking and the students and the..... shoot got to stop thinking about it before I run to the hills screaming LOL.

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