Do not know whether to cry or just grin and carry on!

That's a bit what it feels like today.  It was day two of my full control and my associate was off doing meetings all day - she was not there yesterday either.  It feels a little like I am being used as an unpaid relief teacher at the moment - thing is, she is not meant to leave me alone with the class - and so far she has hardly been there while I have been teaching!!!

At the staff meeting tonight I learnt of sports training that I now need to fit in, a visit to a home for the elderly for half a day (been on the books for a while but my associate forgot to mention it) and a whole school, whole day project next Wednesday which I now have to come up with a plan for and it must have an Art focus (no issues really, thought it out in the staff meeting and have already formulated it since being home). 

I know it is just the life of a teacher and these things happen.  But when I see the gaps in knowledge of these kiddo's it just makes me want to cry. 

They had to add a string of simple one digit numbers today, over half of them struggled, and a quarter of them had no idea of what sort of strategy to use to add them up (making tens and making fives). All of these changes effect their maths time the most. 

When I am meant to be teaching both statistics and time during my seven weeks I cannot afford to loose any teaching time.  As it is with how long that it is taking to teach the graphs and graph language I wonder if I will actually get to teach the topic of time at all!!

Today I also had to throw my literacy plan out the window as my kiddos have to do their speeches in front of the class tomorrow and they had been given very little class time (it was only started last week).  I decided that they needed a good solid go at it where I could really help them.  On top of that I had to spring a new list of requirements on them that my associate thought of this morning, which threw them for a loop and meant they needed extra support, but we got there for most of them.

Yup definately felt like crying today, silly thing is its not so much for myself (even if I do not get to use all my planning), but rather for my kiddo's...

Does anyone else feel like that?

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