This is hard to do

In so many ways I feel really silly complaining that I only get to see my husband once a fortnight for two days and only hear from him after 6pm when he has finished work as I know there are so many women out their who have it so much hard including those who's husbands cant come home at all.  But as I live in my little bubble of the world I can only talk about how I feel.

The boys spent the day playing with the girls from down the road again having an absolute blast in the pool it was so fun to watch them playing together everyone was included and giggling and having fun.  the down side to it all was when the girls mum came to collect the girls to find out that H doesn't start school until Thursday next week!!  The High School changed the dates they had supplied last year and I didn't see it in the newspaper...argh!!!  So mucks up all my plans for myself which is a total selfish note - it also makes it harder for M to go to school as he is scared that he is missing out on something.

M is worried about going to school tomorrow, he has had the same wonderful teacher for the last two years who specialises in Dyslexia and has been M tutor for his Dyslexia programme which has meant he has made wonderful progress.  His new teacher has had no experience with dyslexia nor the Davis Dyslexia programme which he follows so its new territory for her, she didn't even know how it can affect writing (which is M's main area).  Thankfully she has been given a heads up, as well as a heads up that I'm an involved Mum who is in on the programme so can help her as well, so we will just have to see how it goes.  Encouraging M to go to school tomorrow with an open mind, fingers crossed.

I finally got the last part of my enrolment completed for Uni this year - had been having so much trouble doing it on line and sent several emails to the Uni asking what to do and finally got a reply as part of a general reply that we had to fill out an email and send it off asking for a manual enrolment which I got done today.  So now its just a waiting game until the 27th February when I start....enjoy the free time I have left.

Did the ironing today,  I hate ironing with a passion.  I'm not the best house of house keepers for which I hold my hand up to but I do do it but ironing arrghh, I can find dozens of reasons not to do ironing but today I bit the bull by the horns and got on with it.  It is satisfying once its finished but its so boring, and reading about someone doing ironing is almost as boring.

That's it for today, still no text from MW so I'll just have to text him to see how his day went, he's obviously been busy....see positive thoughts :)

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